Irisa Sun CBD Oil Review


The Irisa Sun CBD Oil was the second CBD oil I tried, and I’ve fallen in love with it (for certain occasions, which I will get to in this review).

This is advertised on their website as 13mg of CBD per ml and 3mg of THC per ml, but my product came in at 12.9mg of CBD and 4mg of THC per ml – so pretty much right on with the CBD and a little higher THC (which is great in my opinion).

This 13:4 CBD:THC ratio is the perfect ratio for me when I’m looking to get a little bit of a euphoric high to go with the calming effect of the CBD.

Although I do vape some flower containing higher THC amounts, I consider myself a light weight with THC so I started low and slow with this oil.

My first time taking the Irisa Sun CBD Oil I went with 0.25ml which is a fairly small dose of just over 3mg of CBD.

I took this sublingually (or under the tongue), letting it sit for roughly two minutes before swallowing the remaining oil.

It could have just been in my head, but I felt good about an hour after taking the oil and for the rest of the afternoon.

Again, at that low of a dose it could have been sort of the placebo affect, but I was in a good mood so I will take it.

From there I moved up to 0.50ml and found this to be the perfect dosage for me using this oil.

Sure if I wanted more of a THC buzz I could go up around the 1ml dosage, but for me, 2mg of THC ingested is enough to make me feel good but also be 100% functional with my everyday life – including going to the gym.

This is a pretty unique CBD oil, because if you do want the CBD effects you are going to be getting some of the effects from the THC as well.

If you aren’t looking for any sort of body high or euphoric feeling from your CBD oil, this Irisa Sun oil probably isn’t for you.

It’s been a few months since I first tried the Irisa Sun oil and I’m still testing out and personally reviewing a lot of CBD Oils, but I feel like this is going to be the “money range” for me on the days that I want a small THC high without any negative effects (while also getting the CBD benefits).

Irisa Sun CBD Oil Taste Review

I’d say it tastes pretty good actually. Of the CBD oils I’ve tried this is definitely one of my favourites.

With CBD oils everything is going to taste like Cannabis and none have a really great flavour, but as far as CBD oils go this is going to be close to as good as they taste.

If taste is important to you I would say Irisa Sun is a CBD oil you want to consider.

I would recommend Irisa Sun if:

  • You want a THC high to go with your CBD
  • You want to have a euphoric happy feeling
  • You still want to be able to function normally (make sure you start with a low dosage for this)
  • Taste of CBD oil is important to you

Irisa Sun CBD Oil isn’t for you if:

  • You don’t want any THC side effects
  • You will be drug tested for THC and need to pass
  • You want a very high dosage of CBD (if you get up to the 20mg+ range you will be getting around 6mg of THC which might be too high for CBD users)
  1. Thanks for these helpful reviews. We’re looking for help with both anxiety and nausea, so the 13:4 ratio sounds perfect, but now the only Irisa Sun Oil on the OCS website is listed as 1:15. So we’re still looking for a mainly CBD oil with some THC.

    1. Hey Peter, they must have changed the formula – that’s too bad. I will let you know if I come across something similar. This Irisa Sun was one of my favourites!

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