AltaVie North Star CBD Capsule Review

North Star CBD capsules

I’m a little embarrassed to say it, but I paid $117 for 15 AltaVie North Star CBD Capsules back in November.

That works out to $7.80 per capsule.

My lot of the North Star CBD capsules contained 1.20mg of THC and 21.59mg of CBD per capsule.

At 21mg of CBD, you are getting a very nice high dosage per capsule, but I still can’t justify paying almost $8 for 20mg of CBD.

I bought it when OCS was extremely short on CBD oils and capsules, and this was pretty much all they had left.

I was dealing with some extreme anxiety and needed some more CBD as my Solei Free was running low.

Did The North Star CBD Help With Anxiety?

I do think this was quality CBD oil that helped take the edge off.

It was a perfect dose to take once in the morning, as I normally like to take between 10-20mg daily.

My days felt a bit calmer, I was less stressed out and life came a bit easier.

So yes, the North Star CBD capsules did help with my anxiety…

But with that said, I didn’t find it to be any better than the cheaper CBD oil options I’ve reviewed in the past.

Side Note – I’ve been tracking terpene profiles in CBD strains and oils I’ve used, but I can’t find information on if the North Star CBD is full spectrum (terpenes included) or if the terpenes are removed in the process. If anyone knows – let me know in the comment section!

Does North Star CBD Get You High?

Being in a capsule form you really have no option to change your dosing as you do with oils, so the minimum THC I was getting daily was 1.20mg.

1.20mg of THC really isn’t enough for most people to feel high, but I do think this microdosing helped with the anxiety and my overall mood.

I’m a big believer that even a little bit of THC in the system can help your overall mood (unless you’ve built up a big THC tolerance).

If you want to get the THC “high” these North Star CBD capsules won’t do that for you, but the small amount of THC might help you feel better overall.

I Would Recommend North Star CBD Capsules To:

  • Anyone who wants CBD oil but has no other options available
  • Anyone who can’t stomach CBD oil (and has no cheaper options available)

I Wouldn’t Recommend North Star CBD Capsules To:

  • Anyone who likes a reasonably priced product
  • Anyone who is looking for a THC high
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