Solei Free Oil Review

Solei Free CBD Oil

The Solei ‘Free’ CBD Oil was the first CBD oil I tried in October when Cannabis was legalized in Canada.

Leading up to the legalization of cannabis and CBD oils containing THC I started hearing a lot of buzz about “CBD Oil”.

When I heard it had a calming affect that would help with anxiety I knew I wanted to try some CBD Oil when the website went live.

Many CBD products were selling out quickly, but I was lucky enough to get my hands on some Solei Free Oil the first week of legalization.

Solei’s Free CBD Oil is listed at 0.7 mg/ml of THC and 10.5 mg/ml of CBD, and that is right about where you will see the THC and CBD levels when you receive your oil (mine was 0.7 and 10.4 mg/ml respectively).

The recommended dosage of CBD by a lot of experts is 10mg, so with this oil you would be taking 1 ml to get that dosage. There is a 1ml dropper included with the Solei Free oil making it easy to get the right amount (assuming you want to go with the 10mg of CBD).

Although there is a small amount of THC you would most likely need to take at least 4 ML of this oil to feel the effects of the THC (depending on your tolerance) – well short of the recommended dose.

When I first got this product I started with 0.25 ml or roughly 2.5mg of CBD to ensure my body wouldn’t react with any negative side effects. Within a few days I worked myself up to 10mg of CBD, which I felt was a good amount for myself.

As with most low THC CBD oils, you won’t really feel much when taking Solei Free, but over the course of the first few days you may start to notice that your mood is changing and you are feeling better.

Personally I started to feel a bit more relaxed, happy, and had less anxiety. It was tough to tell if this was a placebo affect from taking the CBD oil, but after months of experience with CBD oil now I am pretty confident the oil is helpful.

I have bought 5 bottles of Solei’s Free Oil so far, easily making it the CBD oil that I’ve purchased most.

The main reason I’ve made Solei Free my choice is the price of the oil. A 30ml bottle costs just $20.95 right now. As a 10mg of CBD/day user that is less than a dollar per day for me.

Unfortunately others seem to love Solei Free CBD oil as well, as the product is often sold out at Be sure to check back often as OCS does re-stocking on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

It will be interesting to see if the stores are carrying this free oil, and I will make sure I update this review when I find out.

Solei Free CBD Oil Taste Review

Free is one of the best tasting oils I’ve tried. When sitting under my tongue there is almost no taste, and then after a few minutes when swallowing there is very little taste to it (comparewd to some other oils).

The only downside about this is that the Free oil may be lacking Terpenes, which are believed to have health benefits (Terpenes are what give Cannabis flower there smell for the most part and will have different tastes if included with the oils).

If you are looking for a good tasting CBD oil this Solei Free oil might be your best bet!

I Would Recommend Solei Free If:

  • You don’t like strong tasting CBD oils
  • You don’t want much THC content
  • You want a reasonably priced oil

I Wouldn’t Recommend Solei Free If:

  • You are looking for a ‘high’ from THC
  • You want a high terpene CBD oil
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