Whistler Otto2 CBD Oil Review

whistler otto2 cbd oil

Today I’m going to review the Otto2 CBD oil by Whistler Medical Marijuana Corporation (WMMC).

This is a full spectrum (terpenes included) CBD Oil that cost me $120 for a 30ml bottle.

Each lot of the Otto2 CBD oil will differ in percentages, but mine came in at 16.8mg of CBD per ml and 0.6mg of THC per ml.

There was also 1.4mg of terpenes per ml.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact terpene profile from my lot, but another Otto2 terpene profile had it containing Caryophyllene, Mycrene, Pinene, and Terpinolene as the top four terpenes.

My average CBD dose is 10-20mg per day, meaning this 30ml bottle would give me anywhere between 50 (at 10mg) and 25 servings (at 20mg).

To make the math simple, if we say that I want a full ML dose (16.8mg of CBD) per day this would work out to over $4 per dosage.

This Otto2 by WMMC is one of the highest priced CBD oils I’ve seen.

So is the Otto2 CBD oil worth it?

Well, the first great thing about this oil is that you are going to receive the medical benefits of the terpenes included in the oil.

Most of the cheaper CBD oils use a process that removes the terpenes.

But with the Otto2 I’m getting 1.4mg of terpenes per ml.

I’m a big believer in the benefits of terpenes, and when given the choice I will always take a full spectrum CBD oil vs an oil with the terpenes removed.

The second big selling point is that Whistler is one of the only organic growers out there.

This Otto2 oil is coming from an organic plant, which is a huge benefit in my opinion.

Does full spectrum and organic make this worth the price tag?

This has been my CBD oil of choice lately and I am feeling a lot less anxious and am getting good nights of sleep.

My main use for CBD oil is to help with anxiety and I do think the Otto2 is really helping.

Compared to other CBD oils I’ve tried (such as Solei’s Free or Hexo’s CBD oil) I do think I’ve felt a bit better when taking the Otto2 oil.

But it hasn’t been a major difference.

If you are health conscious, want the added health benefits from the terpenes, and have the budget to spend the money then I definitely think the Otto2 CBD oil is a great choice.

If you don’t care about the organic feature, I would say the difference I’ve noticed in this CBD oil isn’t worth paying the high price tag.

Otto2 CBD Taste Review

As always I like to review the taste of the CBD oils that I review.

Because this is a full spectrum oil with terpenes included, you are going to notice a much stronger taste than your average CBD oil.

Letting the Otto2 oil sit under my tongue for a few minutes didn’t give off much of a taste at all (as expected).

But when swallowing the oil you will definitely notice a strong taste.

It has sort of a piney, earthy taste and a strong after taste (similar to if you take a shot of alcohol).

Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the taste, but it isn’t something that would ever stop me from taking it.

I Would Recommend Otto2 CBD Oil If:

  • You are looking for an organic CBD oil
  • You want the health benefits of terpenes
  • You want to avoid a THC high

I Wouldn’t Recommend Otto2 If:

  • You are looking for an inexpensive option
  • You don’t care much about it being organic
  • You can’t handle a stronger tasting oil
    1. Hey Kev, they sell out of their strains and oils all the time, but they usually come back in stock a few months later. Keep checking their website once a month or every few weeks as I’m sure it will be back.

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